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TPI Certified Medical Professional

As a TPI level 3 certified Medical Professional, Dr. Maxwell is highly qualified to analyze your body’s positioning and find ways to improve your range of motion or decrease restrictions in your movements.

From a Golfer to a Golfer

Dr. Maxwell’s services utilize some of the latest technology available, paired with his knowledge and passion for the game, to improve a golfer’s swing.

K-Trainer Technology

Utilizing the K-vest and K-trainer technologies, Dr. Maxwell is capable of identifying weak points in your swing and tailor custom exercise programs to improve them.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic

By incorporating upper cervical chiropractic techniques into the program, a golfer will experience better balance, better posture and range of motion, allowing the player to swing freer and with more comfort.

Plane Simple Golf Circuit

The Plane Simple Golf Circuit is a 3 day Plane Simple Golf Circuit Program at Falcons Fire Golf Club in Orlando, Florida. Our clients get better faster, with fewer adjustments, giving them more time to focus on their games and practice.

Learn the process.

Analyze your unique body swing.

Using TPI and K-trainer technology, Dr. Maxwell can analyze and evaluate your swing to pinpoint weaknesses and make improvements.

Align your body using analyzed results.

Get your game and yourself into better shape and better alignment. After gaining information about your body and positioning, you can then make adjustments to lower your handicap and improve your health.

Practice with your new swing.

Clients get better faster, with fewer adjustments, giving them more time to focus on their gamess and practice.

Meet Dr. Jeremy Maxwell.

Dr. Maxwell Golf is owned and operated by Dr. Jeremy Maxwell, Chiropractic Physician and avid golfer. Dr. Maxwell is a TPI(level 3) certified Medical Professional, and specializes in improving golfers’ performance by improving their body’s natural positioning through proper alignment on and off the course. His golf packages incorporate chiropractic visits to adjust the body, swing analysis and specialized exercise programs to improve anyone’s performance as well as their general health and well-being.

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