New Website

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website for Dr. Maxwell Golf. Dr. Jeremy Maxwell of Maxwell Family Chiropractic would like to introduce you to his new business if you aren’t familiar with it already.

There is a blind spot in the golf community. A dynamic that rings too true in the ears of most.

If it’s one thing we can agree on as practitioners of the game, it’s that we are all striving for the same thing: to get better. Almost every golfer is passionate about improving their golf game. It’s the heart of the sport. Lower your score and improve your handicap. The biggest issue I see (and here’s the blind spot) is that most people want to get better by simply playing more and buying the latest and greatest equipment. They end up investing absolutely nothing in the most important piece of equipment they will ever have… their body.

This negligence is expanded by the generally held perception that if their is no pain everything must physically be fine. Actions are rarely made in order to prevent injury and usually in desperation when the person is already experiencing pain. It’s how a lot of medicine works. Treat the symptoms, until you feel better. I can tell you there is a better way.

In reality, a lot of injury inviting tendencies can be detected and corrected before getting to the injury and pain state. Chiropractic care regularly models this kind of mentality of prevention and strengthening treatment. And now with the Titleist Performance Institute training, certifying and recognizing Chiropractors, PT’s and MD’s in their program, we are able to detect an individual’s faults in terms of both body function and golf swing.

One of the interesting things about doing these swing fault analyses, is that they translate so easily into the field of chiropractic care. I could look at someone’s swing and pretty accurately tell them where their weak links in the body are. And I could just as easily evaluate their body and know how they may swing or what kind of swing faults they more than likely have. Both of these things help me to improve a body’s functionality and a person’s well being, not to mention their game. This work truly goes hand in hand.

Until you invest in your health and body’s functionality, you are literally just an injury waiting to happen. For so many people Murphy’s Law kicks in about Spring time when their getting itchy to go play. They end up injuring something that causes a wasted golf season. I see it too often. With that, start thinking about how you want to invest in your health and prepare your body this winter with our Dr. Maxwell Golf Brain Body Swing Connection packages. Check us out at

If you live in the Midwest, you already know that now is not the most ideal time to play golf. Nonetheless, these off-season months are some of the most important in keeping up your game. Following a few guidelines will ensure that you are in tip-top shape next time you step on the course.


Maintain healthy habits

Regular cardiovascular and strength training is imperative in staying energized during a game. Walking on the treadmill or using an elliptical for 30 to 40 minutes just four times per week can greatly improve your game and overall health. In addition to regular cardio exercise, start a weight-lifting routine that will keep increase flexibility and maintain strength. Dr. Maxwell offers specialized exercise programs tailored for golfers to improve physical performance on the course.


Stay Sharp

All serious golfers know that the game is equally a mental challenge as it is physical. Staying sharp, alert and focused now will directly translate to how you play in the future. A helpful article on Golf Digest provides tips for staying focused and confident both on and off the course.


Practice Indoors

There’s no need to bear the brutal weather just to get in a little practice. Putting or chipping on an open, carpeted area is a good place to start. The friction and surface is similar to a green or fairway and will help you maintain your skill set.

Watch in the Mirror

Practicing your swing in the mirror will give you an opportunity to assess your posture and stance. Write down your strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate what you’d like to start improving before spring rolls around. Choose one or two goals on which you’d like to focus, and create a plan to accomplish those goals next time you’re ready to play.

The perfect swing is not accomplished solely during the months you’re on the course. A healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, along with exercises that promote positive posture and swing behavior are key in improving your game. Don’t let time slip away. Consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Maxwell for more information on both individual sessions and tailored packages that will help you stay in shape for the upcoming season.


This weekend, Dr. Jeremy Maxwell will make a trip to Arizona to work with the Legacy Golf Performance Center, bringing his passion and expertise to improve golfers’ swings and their overall wellness.


K-VEST Technology

Dr. Maxwell has completed his Level 1 K-VEST Certification and has integrated 3D biofeedback in his office and with his golf clients since June 2013. You may be asking yourself, what does that mean? Well, K-VEST technology is used to measure a golfer’s kinematic sequence or the efficiency of the golfer’s body movements.


Making a Connection

Dr. Maxwell began speaking with Joe DiChiara, a golf instructor at Legacy Golf Performance Center, about the importance of posture and body function and how the two are closely related to Dr. Maxwell’s work with upper cervical chiropractic. Additionally, they discussed the great improvements in their clients’ posture and function after periodic spinal alignments. As DiChiara has been dealing with some unresolved spinal issues himself, Dr. Maxwell plans to introduce him to the upper-cervical Blair chiropractic treatment and its aid in restoring balance to postural distortions of head tilt, shoulders, pelvis and leg length. These misalignments often lead to a negative impact on golf swing, posture, balance and overall health.


In Full Swing

During his visit, Dr. Maxwell will also have the opportunity to work with clients with whom he’s seen in the past, such as MU alum Stan Utley. On January 31st, he plans to team up with Pete Buchanan of Plane Simple Golf to offer a one-day “Peak Performance” golf academy. Using 3D biofeedback, Dr. Maxwell will assess golfers’ functional movement. The assessment allows participants to quickly learn the positions Pete has taught while helping the golfer to experience his or her full swing potential.


“What Pete and I are doing is very unique,” said Dr. Maxwell. “We are looking to develop long-term golf relationships so we can truly develop a person’s golf game and maximize their health.” Dr. Maxwell Golf is grateful to LGPC for allowing them to utilize its exceptional training facility, where they will continue to conduct research using its state-of-the-art technology. “Part of this trip is to see what Legacy is doing to help golfers get to the next level of competition.”


Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post detailing Dr. Maxwell’s trip. For more information on how Dr. Maxwell Golf can help improve your game and overall health, give our Columbia office a call at 573-443-6828 or email us at [email protected]