This weekend, Dr. Jeremy Maxwell will make a trip to Arizona to work with the Legacy Golf Performance Center, bringing his passion and expertise to improve golfers’ swings and their overall wellness.


K-VEST Technology

Dr. Maxwell has completed his Level 1 K-VEST Certification and has integrated 3D biofeedback in his office and with his golf clients since June 2013. You may be asking yourself, what does that mean? Well, K-VEST technology is used to measure a golfer’s kinematic sequence or the efficiency of the golfer’s body movements.


Making a Connection

Dr. Maxwell began speaking with Joe DiChiara, a golf instructor at Legacy Golf Performance Center, about the importance of posture and body function and how the two are closely related to Dr. Maxwell’s work with upper cervical chiropractic. Additionally, they discussed the great improvements in their clients’ posture and function after periodic spinal alignments. As DiChiara has been dealing with some unresolved spinal issues himself, Dr. Maxwell plans to introduce him to the upper-cervical Blair chiropractic treatment and its aid in restoring balance to postural distortions of head tilt, shoulders, pelvis and leg length. These misalignments often lead to a negative impact on golf swing, posture, balance and overall health.


In Full Swing

During his visit, Dr. Maxwell will also have the opportunity to work with clients with whom he’s seen in the past, such as MU alum Stan Utley. On January 31st, he plans to team up with Pete Buchanan of Plane Simple Golf to offer a one-day “Peak Performance” golf academy. Using 3D biofeedback, Dr. Maxwell will assess golfers’ functional movement. The assessment allows participants to quickly learn the positions Pete has taught while helping the golfer to experience his or her full swing potential.


“What Pete and I are doing is very unique,” said Dr. Maxwell. “We are looking to develop long-term golf relationships so we can truly develop a person’s golf game and maximize their health.” Dr. Maxwell Golf is grateful to LGPC for allowing them to utilize its exceptional training facility, where they will continue to conduct research using its state-of-the-art technology. “Part of this trip is to see what Legacy is doing to help golfers get to the next level of competition.”


Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post detailing Dr. Maxwell’s trip. For more information on how Dr. Maxwell Golf can help improve your game and overall health, give our Columbia office a call at 573-443-6828 or email us at [email protected]

About Jeremy Maxwell

I grew up in Pleasanton, CA and graduated from Amador Valley High School in 1992. I then went to York, NE to attend York College on a soccer scholarship and to attain my under graduate studies in pre-Chiropractic. It was in York where I met my wife Shelby, who is from Rhinelander, WI. We married in August of 1995. I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and graduated in June of 1999. I have been in private practice in Fayette, MO., since April of 2001, and now have a second location in Columbia, MO., since 2005. We have 4 wonderful children Aiden, Myy, Emi and Zechman. I absolutely love what I have been called to do, and that is to help families maximize their health potential through Chiropractic. No other profession gets to intimately work with the innate healing potential the Creator placed in each of us like the Chiropractic profession. Every day we get to witness lives changing and health improving by turning on the power of the human body through spinal corrections. When the brain and body can talk without interruption, the Creator’s design can do what is was designed to do and that is to heal on its own. We look forward to the opportunity of sharing our passion for living healthy full lives and taking part in your health goals.