The K-Vest and K-Trainer is a 3-D Biofeedback tool that allows us to measure your body movements during the golf swing. The idea is to see how efficient you are moving. When the body is dysfunctional it does not move as well and as smooth as it should and that can lead to injury, poor swing mechanics and bad habits. This tool helps us find those areas.
Once we find those short circuits a program is developed to help you learn the appropriate motor skills to create the right golf body movements. Often times unstable joints, lack of mobility and loss of flexibility are the keys to disturbing efficiency in the body and golf swing. To get the most out of our training tools and to not get injured, we strongly advise that you undergo our TPI movement swing and chiropractic evaluations before entering into this program.
3-D biofeedback would really be the third step in our program to a more healthy and functionally efficient swing. Once an individual is ready for this it requires a 3 month minimum commitment. We do not take our work lightly and want you to get the results you are looking for and they don’t happens in just a few tries.

Our Upper Cervical Blair Adjusting Approach: Although it focuses on the upper two bones of the neck, it will have a global impact to the entire body like no other technique. It is extremely effective in holding and not needing to be adjusted over and over. How we use this technique with our TPI Medical Professional golf services is like no other.