Dr. Maxwell has had the pleasure of working with a number of top 100 golf instructors across the nation throughout his personal experiences and training to become Level 3 Titleist Performance Institute medical professional. We have had the privilege to work with the following top 100 golf instructors: Chris Como, Scott Munroe, Mike Adams, Adam Schriber, Mark Hackett, and Stan Utley.

Over the years he has also had the opportunity to work with some amazing golfers on both the amateur and professional competitive circuits. Find out here what some of them have to say about Dr. Maxwell’s services and their experiences when working with him.


“Dr. Maxwell not only helped me with my back and shoulder pain.. He created exercises/techniques I could use to compete at the highest level. This is the first time in years I haven’t had shoulder or back pain after a long day at the golf course!”

-Jace Long

Professional Golfer/ MU Golf Alum

“Dr. Jeremy Maxwell helped me in about 5 minutes this year at the Missouri Open. When I hobbled over to him I could hardly move and in just a very short time I had tremendous freedom of movement and considerable less pain.
Besides being great at what he does, he is a fantastic guy!”

-Jay Delsing -Professional Golfer


“Working with Dr. Maxwell has really helped to improve my golf game in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. I shot my best games at a 77 one day and a 75 the next in competition one day after getting an adjustment.”

-Laken Frese

Columbia College Women’s Golf Team

“My experience with Dr. Maxwell can be summed up in one sentence. He has got it going on!”

-Lucas Black

Actor/ Professional Golfer

“Since working with Dr.Maxwell my game and overall wellness has reached a new level. I was always one that loved long days starting in the gym followed by long practice hours and 18 holes. That night I would feel exhausted and would experience constant pain in my shoulder, neck, back and knee. All of the ice, heat, and stretching would help me get to the next day but I would never feel 100%. For any serious golfers out there, they know that the maintenance of your body is just as important as the maintenance of their golf swing and in many ways its more important because your swing is by in large a huge indicator or your physical ailments. To perform your best, you have to feel your best. Dr.Maxwell has found the missing link for golfers and athletes alike between heath and wellness and performance. His form chiropractic fixes many different ailments by just using one procedure. He then will explain your ailments in a simplistic manner that you can understand and gives you the necessary exercises to not only cure them but make you feeling better than ever before. I currently live in Florida and have not had a visit with Dr.Maxwell in over 5 months and my body is the best its ever felt. I put my body through rigorous practice sessions, runs, workouts, and high levels of physical and mental stress but I have found I am able to perform and an even higher level than before. Golf is not a sprint, it’s an extremely long marathon and if your finding your dedication for the game taking a toll on your body Dr.Maxwell is your guy. His passion for health, wellness, and physical performance surpasses anyone I’ve worked with before. If your looking to take your game, your health, and your body to the next level visit Dr. Maxwell and see the plethora of experience, passion, and technology he has to offer.”

-Chris Johnson

Professional Golfer/ MU Alum