The Titleist Performance Institute has developed a process of screening golfers to identify swing issues and performance issues that allow TPI medical professionals to help their patients make massive improvements and reduce their golf handicap quickly. Identifying these issues and addressing them properly allows for golfers to increase their range of motion, increase their balance, and reduce the amount of pain they may experience from repeating poor swing habits.
This screen gives us an overview of your body’s abilities and weak links as it pertains to movement and the golf swing. As we observe your movements, our findings are logged into the mytpi website where it will then generate a Golf Fitness Handicap Score. Just like in golf, the lower the better. From this information we will either have the program generate an at home fitness program for you or we will assign one of our template programs that fits your needs. We also will go over with you the most likely swing faults you will have as a result of your weaknesses or weak links.
These programs are really designed to be done at home. They can be done at a gym or with a personal trainer but is not necessary. You will be able to view each exercise on a short video and you can print out the program or the program that is on the day you are working out. The workout program will generally be assigned over an 8-12 week period which we will then follow up with a re-evaluation to see if you have lowered your Golf Fitness Handicap Score.
Again it is strongly recommended that Dr. Maxwell’s Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care be done first to reduce the risk of injury before entering this program. It is not a rehab program so if we feel that you are not suited to do the program the workout will not be assigned to you.